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Wordless Wednesday

I'm linking up with Miss DeCarbo for one of my favorites...WORDLESS WEDNESDAY!

I modeled a lesson for one of the teachers I am supporting that involved pulling students during their "walk and talk" time. Students L-O-V-E "walk and talk" so I focused on the skill, and aligned my instructional activity to that. 
 What's your approach to engaging students during remediation? 

You Oughta Know About...Goal Setting and Monitoring

I am once again linking up with the fabulous Mrs. McClain for her You Oughta Know Blog Hop!
You oughta know about setting meaningful goals with your students. Year after year I have refined my approach to goal setting with my students, but there are three principles that have remained the same.

1. Student Driven 
Students are responsible for setting and reflecting goals at the beginning of each quarter. This is something that requires teacher assistance and guidance. Depending on the goal that is being set, teachers will need various types of information. For example, current levels of student performance (state assessment, pretest data, reading inventory), behavior information (approximate number of detentions, days on lower level of behavior chart, ect.) and common areas that students will are likely to select to improve in. The latter is not a requirement, but helpful in thinking through how to be specific and assist students with breaking down the goal into measurable chunks. I start by modeling how to do a self reflection and evaluation. My goal here is to make my thinking palpable for students and to walk them through the honest process of self-analysis. Two key ideas: 1) We are ALL working on SOMETHING 2) THIS IS PERSONAL 
 2. Include an Action Plan 
Students need to know what steps they can take to improve. Since the goals are driven by students, I like to share examples of how to craft goals based on their self identified area of development. It might also be helpful have to goal bank that aligns with the key areas from the goal setting sheet.
3. Include Benchmarks and Celebration 
Students need to know what success looks like! I tend to let students articulate that in way that makes sense to them and guide them in thinking through the actions. However, I lead the celebration of my students. Ironically, my students are naturally REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hard on themselves. Meaning, they struggle with the process and have FITS when they make mistakes. They sometimes takes the all or nothing approach, therefore, I prioritize taking time to celebrate progress. #thejourney
All of these templates are currently my FAN FREEBIE over on my Facebook page! Enjoy! 

Sunday Scoop- A New Linky Party

Everyone loves a quick and easy blog link up, right?!?!?! I'm linking up with the wonderful ladies of the Teaching Trio for their Sunday Scoop!

This will be the perfect accountability measure for me this week! Be sure to check out posts from the other bloggers! Have a blessed week!

Diary of New Teacher: Meet Ms. A from Miami

I've mentioned before that I have the incredible job of working with beginning teachers from all over the country, and I'd like to introduce you all to another one! 

Meet Ms. Affolter, a third grade teacher in Miami, Florida. She recently graduated from the University of Saint Thomas and calls Saint Paul, Minnesota home! She's excited to be in Miami, and growing everyday as a teacher! I invited Ms. A to share some reflections about her first two weeks because she's incredible reflective and in short amount of time has cultivated a solid classroom culture! Enjoy!

Five Things I Learned After Two Weeks of Teaching:
  1. I was not aware how much I could cry in a span of roughly 14 days. Almost every night there were tears of joy, frustration, and pure exhaustion being shed. 
  2. Sharing is caring! Having fellow teachers share their ideas, lesson plans, worksheets, ect. has kept me sane. 
  3. Every time I use positive narration I feel like a wizard. It has such a magical effect! 
  4. That one improv class I took in college prepared me to be a teacher in more ways than I ever could have imagined. 
  5. The students make everything worthwhile. The faces they make when they finally understand something, their big smiles when they show off their success, the insightful comments they make about life, the little notes of love they leave on my desk, and the drive they have to learn and grow, pushes me to be the best I can be for them!
We all remember how rough the first year (or two) is as a teacher! Join me in sending some love and support to Ms. A and her beautiful students! She also has started a Donor's Choose project for kids. Please follow this link if you'd like to donate. 

September Currently

I am linking up with the lovely Farley for the ORIGINAL and ONLY teacher Currently!
I am listening to the sweet sound of my teacher/musician fiance playing his trumpet. At times it's kind of like having a live-in band. I've been on conference calls where someone says "is someone playing elevator music in the background?" Ha! It's just my favorite jazz musician!  

I recently got engaged! While I initially thought I would just have a quick ceremony, my mother reminded me that I always wanted a wedding and even if we have to wait a while (can someone say 2016) I'll be happy I did it. We found this BEAUTIFUL and surprisingly affordable gem on the bay in Miami! 

Planning a wedding leads me into a mushy place where I look back over my life and realize how good God has been to me. I was the first in my family to attend to college and had more than one #badteacher tell me that I wouldn't make in college, but God knew otherwise! Not only did I attend college on an academic scholarship, but I graduated magna cum laude and earned my Master's degree! God has blessed me to be able to purchase a house and to be a pillar in my family to all my younger brothers and sisters. Since I went to college we have gone 4/4 with six brothers and sisters left to go! #myGodiseverything

Speaking of college I nearly had a heart attack watching the FSU game Saturday night! I thought I was going to have an early night, but the Seminoles had other plans! We pulled out a victory, but not without me coaching yelling at a few players. We are a house divided so before I cheered on FSU, my fiance cheered on the Ohio State University! So glad college football is back! 

My incredible fiance's parents gave us a car! Yes gave! It's a manual though and I am terrified of it! I'm learning, but having done more stalling out than anything! I'm working on it though! 

I'd like to go to Nigeria because I've heard (don't know how true it is) that my family roots trace back to Nigeria. Los Angeles is on my list because I'm from Miami and people always compare the two. I want to see for myself what the hype is about. Lastly, I've heard the coast of Greece is AMAZING. I have a sorority sister who is there now and the pictures she is posting are breathtaking! This is definitely on my shortlist of honeymoon spots!