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Ten Informative Writing Ideas for Secondary Students

I'm participating in a blog hop with Mrs. McClain over at Buzzing with Mrs. McClain to share what you oughta know about informative writing. In my experience, my students L-O-V-E creative writing assignments. They also get excited about argumentative writing. The latter is likely connected to adolescence and the need to argue (ha!), but its true. Investing my students in informative writing has been a challenge, so I am sharing a couple of best practices. 

1) Interviews - Students think of a topic they are interested in, write questions they have, and then answer their questions as experts. Teachers could even assign students a topic and have them interview each other about the topic as if they are "experts." The only caution here is reminding students that their responses have to grounded in their research.


2) Write Magazine Articles - Allow students to write a magazine article about a topic. If you have access to computers, students can type into the template below, and add pictures. I allow students to name their magazine, and think of ways to hook readers in with their article title. 

3) Yearbook Pages - Teachers can assign students an event, person, or place, and allow them to design a yearbook page that captures important information and is appropriate for the topic. 

4) Biography - Teachers can add a spin on this by thinking through the format. This could be completed as an interview, an article, or a yearbook page from this a time in the person's life. Students can then add a written component to narrate the person's life. 

5) The Social Media Frenzy - Many secondary students have at least one social media account. Students can write a compare and contrast paper about two different social media services, or compare and contrast features within one type of social media. For example, students could compare and contrast the effectiveness of hashtags versus using 140 characters to spread an idea.  

6) Watch and Describe - This activity is helpful for students who struggle with writing objective summaries. Teachers can use clips from the history channel, or another content aligned resource to have students summarize or write about what they watched. One approach could be to pose a question to students such as,  "Can sun and wind make salt water more drinkable?" After watching students can write their response and then discuss, or use the information to conduct additional research, and write a paper. 

7) Favorites - Students write about their favorite class, pet, sport, game, team, or book. With this type of writing, focus on how students organize their information into categories, and how they develop their topic. 

8) Respond to Literature - Teachers can use the class text to have students respond a question about the text, or write a literary review of the text.  

9) Resume - This can be also aid with biography writing with students using a resume format to write about the life of someone. Students could even write their resumes. 

10) The Power of Questioning - This is one of my favorites. Students respond to an engaging question that requires research.. 



I hope something resonated and can be implemented in your classroom. Sample resources from this post can be found {here} and {here}.Teaching students to become better writers is something I enjoy because I'm working on becoming a better writer too. When they write, I write. As we say in my class, "Great writers, write, a lot!" Enjoy! 

Click {here} to view more of my writing resources. 
This has been another blog post in collaboration with the fabulous Jasmine McClain
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  1. Hi Tanesha!
    My favorite subject to teach is writing so I just loved this post! I've never thought about doing a yearbook page, and this will must likely be done with my class this year if I can squeeze it in! I love all of your ideas!
    Melissa from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom

  2. I love the idea of having students write interviews. Students write in my room every day, so I like the idea of adding this to the list of monthly prompts. There are not enough secondary bloggers out there, so I love coming across new ones.
    Kovescence of the Mind

    1. Thanks Sarah! I am always looking for secondary bloggers too! I'm now following you!

  3. That yearbook page is adorable! Such a fun idea, I'm sure the kids love it!

    Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten

  4. Thank you so much for sharing! I am always interested in ways to introduce more writing in my classroom. I can really see how I could adapt these ideas to match the writing abilities of my first grade students. Thanks for joining in on another YON blog hop. Hope to have you for more :-)

    Buzzing With Mrs. McClain

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